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Full Tang Hand Forged Serbian Steel Chef's Knife

$69.99 $124.99

Hand forged from Serbian Steel using ancient techniques from the far east by blacksmiths with decades of experience, this knife has been made for sharpness and durability that actually lasts. Whether veggies, meat or even wood, it cuts effortlessly through nearly everything.



    • HAND FORGED AND HARDENED - This unique knife is forged by hand and heat-treated using traditional swordsmithing techniques. Our blacksmiths spend a longer time during the hammering process to ensure the physical density and rigidity of this knife are as optimal as possible.

    • MULTIPURPOSE - Could be used to chop almost anything. From butchering meat, to chopping wood!

    • EVERLASTING SHARPNESS - Each knife is sharpened manually by experienced artisans with decades of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from the Balkan Mountain Ranges of Serbia.

    • HIGH CARBON BLADE - Forged with High Carbon Steel for better wear resistance and toughness.



  • Blade length: 6.8" (17cm)
  • Blade width: 3.9" (10cm) (Widest Point)
  • Blade thickness: 4mm (Thickest Point)
  • Net weight: 0.66lbs (390g)

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