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Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives by Koshura™ (40% off)

$129 $165

The Stainless Steel Knife Collection by Koshura™ was the result of years of research & development. Combining the highest quality materials with the latest knife-making techniques, the Koshura collection was created with durability and performance in mind. 

ULTRA-SHARP: Our premium stainless steel blade cuts through all types of food with ruthless precision. The blade’s razor sharp edge has a high rust resistance and is easy to maintain. Each knife is hand polished by craftsmen with decades of experience to ensure long-lasting sharpness with every blade.

EXTRA DURABLE: When choosing our steel supplier, we purposefully sought out a blade that was highly corrosion resistant and durable. After evaluating hundreds of suppliers, we finally partnered with a family business who met our high standards.

NON-STICK BLADE: The ultra sharp and durable blade allows for incredibly effortless prep, by reducing the unnecessary drag and friction while cutting proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our chef’s knives are carefully crafted with a soft and comfortable handle that balances perfectly in your hand. The ergonomic shape and center of gravity reduces fatigue and increases prepping speed.

MULTI-USE KNIFE: This professional-grade knife will easily handle your daily kitchen tasks, whether in a professional kitchen or at home. 

30 DAY WARRANTY: If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer your 100% satisfaction, or your money back within 30 days of purchase!

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